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Simmering Jams at the Edge of the Forest

~Starting a Rural Life in a Different World~

Author: Kobato Kosuzo Artist: Murakami Yuichi

A 30 something Margaret was summoned to a different world as a special being called “Spirit Orison”. However, what was waiting there was a rural life in the countryside, which was the complete opposite of her previous life. Meeting a gentle old lady, we will start a cheerful and delicious slow life surrounded by warm people.

Let’s Get Drunk with Amber Dreams

~Amber Days and Golden Nights~

Author: Masoho Murano
Nodoka Yoda

Why not read about a popular craft beer now? Kenzaki Nana, who works in an advertising agency in Kyoto, was frustrated that the people in the company weren’t treating her fairly. At that time, she encountered a shop owner, Nonami Ryuichi and a photographer, Ashikari Tetsuo and a craftbeer at the Izakaya “Shiro Kuma”.
All the featured beers are real! The Kyoto Craft Beer Story begins!

Weekly post

Just finished the Simmerring Jams Manga Chapter 5. I finally got myself to do it. Hopefully you guys enjoy.

Weekly post

hello everyone!I finally had the time to do my hobbies again! the last few weeks had been hectic! anyways chapter 4 part 1 of Simmering Jams is now live!

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